Manufacturer of all kinds of trampoline socks, jump socks, anti-slip, non-skid floor socks

JumpSocks is the only specialised/professional supplier of all sorts of socks for trampoline sports enthusiasts and jump centre visitors in Europe and is home to the famous jump socks!


All kinds of fabrics, designs and qualities

Jump socks are available in every size and shape, made from all manner of materials (from cotton to Lycra and from wool to acrylic) and can be printed with any imaginable colour and design.





Reliable quality, price and delivery for you

Starting from 10,000 pairs we can manufacture your special design jump socks e.g. corporate designs, jump socks and trampoline socks in jump centres’ house styles, in all sizes and with the best price-quality ratio.


Hip & Grip to rise to heights…

Use JumpSocks to increase the reputation and yield of your jump concept
Contact: info@jumpsocks.nl + 0031 6549 65 249




‘Jumpsocks are safe socks’.
ABS / Anti-Slip

All our jump socks and trampoline socks have ABS, the safe, anti-slip layer on their soles. This can be applied in any shape, colour and thickness including as custom-made branding for your jump centre.

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It is this simple to work with JumpSocks…

You can order from 10,000 pairs and up on the basis of pre-arranged prices and conditions
You give us your special jump sock design or we create one for you in consultation with you We manufacture a prototype on the basis of design, material specifications and budget
You approve the prototype (after any possible modifications) We start production, carry out quality checks and supply within the term agreed